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Hi yinz guys....

Al Checca

New Member
Now I see where everyone has been hanging out.... Great to see so many faces and names I know...

Be cool all
I'm a proud per schooler here at my first day of school....:U Rock:

Al Checca

New Member
Fred Weiss said:
I have a feeling you might have a few things that we can learn from you. Welcome to our boards Al.

Thanks for the warm welcome, learning from each other is what it is all about right? Working on fun projects and makes some cash in the process...:cool1:

Al Checca

New Member
[LEFT said:
Geary[/LEFT]]sup Al ......from smack in the middle of California.:U Rock: :Welcome:


, from one end of the US to the other... :cool1:

TVG said:
Hello and welcome from Amarillo, TX

Thank you... Amarillo Texas, I did a decals on a fire
house for Amarillo FD a few years back. Did them up here at the factory that builds them...

Al Checca

New Member
Stevo said:
THE Al Checca!
Good to see you here man!


LOL my buddie Stevo!!!! Hope things are well in the deckal world my friend...
Hey our Pens are looking good this year... :cool:

Al Checca

New Member
[LEFT said:
Cadmn[/LEFT]]another Howdy from Texas!

Nice to see ya
, I feel so young with all these educated folks like yourself..
I'm about ready for my nap soon....:cool1:

Al Checca

New Member
dustin1324 said:
from VA................

Sorry there
, somehow I missed your post. Thank you.. Hope to see ya around!

And many thanks to all
guys for such a warm welcome.