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How is this done?

Kelsey Adams

New Member
I do kart graphics, but wondering how the prism vinyl is added to the designs. Is it cut out and layed ontop of the printer vinyl or is the design printed on the prism vinyl? The prism vinyl would primarily be used to outline numbers and maybe a couple accent designs. Also for flourescent in design is that done the same way? Attached photo or not mine, but an example of the vinyl I am inquiring about.


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I agree it's a printed prism pattern, that way you can laminate the whole pint and install it as one piece.

As for what you are calling fluorescent colors in the design, if you look close you can see it is a gradient color, so again it would have to be print to achieve the gradient effect. Fluorescent vinyl is one SOLID color.


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It looks like there is more than one way to skin a cat. Without being able to see it up close I'm not sure how you would know for sure, but it certainly can be done multiple ways and get a similar effect.

Mascitti Bro

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I have to disagree.
The blue prism is layered, the orange is layered, and there is a silver prism outline around the number, and the JM Motorsports that's layered.
Just my 2 cents.
My thoughts exactly-been studying this for some upcoming lettering for dirt racecars. It's cut prism vinyl on top of cut fluorescent vinyl, on top of the print job. (for sure)


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I would think the same way, but that is some unreal registration for outlines covering such an area. Kudos to whomever preformed that one in the photo.


All around shop helper.
I *think* it's one piece reminiscent of designs circa 2005 & before. Fill patterns from outfits such as Bergen Designs, etc. Example files used to ship with Roland SolJet printers. Lots of casino gaming graphics used the illusion 10 years before that on photo film back-lits.

Johnny Best

Active Member
I say one piece also, up near the top where the m black dropshade blends in with the black background. No different blacks or seam from overlay. It all blends in the same. But would not know for sure unless seeing it up close or better pic.


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layering takes a LOT of effort. if a printer has white capabilities, I'd imagine they just had prism vinyl as base vinyl, possibly pre-laminated to a high-tack material to stick to low energy plastic, and graphics printed on top of it.

if I were to do any layering, it would be to add florescent vinyl as the "final touch", since CMYKprinters don't really do florescent colors, buuuuut I think that may just be a printed color in the photo.