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I need some serious help please.


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For some reason I can not send e-mail from my Outlook Express (please do not say Outlook is bad) I can receive.

I am also running MacAfee security center.

I called my hosting company and they were able to send and receive and said that the problem was on my end.

Any ideas??? I need to get this running so I can send proofs out ASAP.

I thank you in advance for any help on this.


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Have you been able to send them before in Outlook? I know we had some problem with it a few years ago and there may be a patch for it. We ended up using the e-mail set up from Earthlink, Total Access as we would have attachment problems. Check Mirco Soft's website, there might be some help there.


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Thunderbird....and Import all of your Outlook settings.
Mine as well switch now while you have an excuse to.
Ditch McAfee and get AVG Anti Virus and Zone Alarm.
Don't know why you people have such a hard time making the switch.


If you can recieve ....... you are gonna be ok. Did you make any changes to the end / recieve parameters in your outlook options? TOOLS / ACCOUNTS / PROPERTIES ........ if not most likely your ISP is Full of S&hay ....... also you mentioned your firewall ............... that could be a problem also. Simply shut McAfee down for a minute, re-start ........ se if you can send ............. if not ..... restart your modem ............... then try send / recieve again ......... ISP always blame you first ......... lol ....... let us know how you make out. ~M


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Cool deal I'll give it a shot. I've never had this problem before. I'll let you all know.

Thank you


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Plus, Get A Free Gmail Account In 5 Minutes & Send Out Todays Proofs That Way, But Tell Them Specifically To Reply To Your Other Address So You Don't Have To Check That One Every Day Too.


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I just had the same problem with Outlook Express, was able to recieve but not send, my my tech just fixed it, I will find out excatly what he did and post here here later on.


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What error if any are you getting? Also look to see if they are in your draft box or outgoing box.


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Shovelhead - I don't know why either

isag - I looked into that all is good. I'm running McAfee now to see if it finds anything.

iSign - thank you, I used my Comcast account.

NukeProof - No log files.

ChicagoGraphics - That would be great if you can do that.

signage - I'm not receiving any error messages. All sent mail is going to my sent items.

Thank you all for the help, I'll keep you posted.


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I figured out what is wrong. Verizon black listed my IP. Fun Stuff.

Once again thank you all for the help.