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I this the place you have to stand up and tell about yourself?


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Is this the place you have to stand up and tell about yourself?

:thankyou: I figure its only right to stop by and say a few words here.

I have been around the sign business all my life, started out in Dallas, Texas a learning, hanging around shops on Saturday as a kid, later directed by a sign man to some books, and with the help of a few good signmen, I learned the trade, I'm still learning.

I made the trans into computers about 1990 on a TRS 80, then on from there.

Leaving out a lot of things, I moved to where I live in Texas now from the general Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex in 1993.

I'm 64 years old now, my wife and I have a small shop and work as hard as we can every day.

I still handletter a lot along with the typical vinyl signage, had computers not come along, and had I not learned them, I guess I would be having a hard time making ends meet now, but we manage.

I am surely not a know it all, I am not the best there is, I just do the best I can.

Thank you for your time.
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From one "ol' goat" to another.......HOWDY! :Welcome: (Actually I'm 9 years behind ya there pard! ) I've been in the lettering business for 35 years now.

You're going to have a blast here! :thumb:



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thanks to all of you, I am sure I will enjoy the fine folks here.

I guess i have to sweep the floors some for my keep?

But every now and then I'll have to take a break, first I gotta find the light switch and the men's room, I just stumbled over a chair some where and dropped my sign kit.


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well Sir hers the light put your sign kit right there grab some more coffee or tea when ya come out of the mens room right over there in the corner you might need to start on a refill we don't want you getting dehydrated in the Texas heat theres Iced Tea over in the fridge if you prefer but NO beer till at least afternoon beer & texas heat don't mix well. we got plenty of floor sweepers here so you teach away. us young ones need to gleam all we can from you guys . &Yes gear I said I was young LOL looks like the 9's are prominent as I seem to have you by 9 years also. OG you gonna spank my hand if I touch your brushes ?


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glad to see some of my age group here.....all these "know it all vinyl cuttin kids" i feel outnumbered....geary and cad are 55, iam 61, youre 64 wait till you meet the old old old man...SI....SOON TO BE 72!!!!!!!!


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Welcome from PA, you old wippersnapper !!! From another old goat, but not counting, because I forgot where I was at...:help:

What did you do before they invented fire ?? I forget. I just wondered what the flames looked like back then...