If today is Thursday then yesterday must have been Wednesday Plane udate


Did some more work on the plane yesterday. Fine tuned all of the control linkage, and did some hi-tech wind tunnel air testing of the airfoil. Here are two short videos.


We now have a sponsor for the motor and it's ordered. The prop is being built in Canada. I'm optimistically hoping we will be flying it no later than July 4th if we don't encounter any unforeseen problems.

We just picked up another corporate sponsor for the maiden flight, Monster Energy Drinks!


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I think you should paint the circles black that are representing wheels so no one gets confused.


We're ready for ya............. Anti-aircraft_guns_.jpg
from the moment i heard of this project i said to myself 'self these guys need corporate sponsorship' i think my first post may have even said it...anyhow i am glad that you have decided to seek corporate sponsorship so that we can see this bad boy fly.

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I'll do your ID numbers and letter your names on the side, if you let me put my logo on the side. In fact, I'll let you use my logo for free. I don't even have to letter anything for you. Tell me where you want me to send it and it'll be there..................

:Oops: I meant this one.............:bushmill:


LOL Gino, I'll tell all my buddies you'll sponsor their N-numbers for free only if you can do all of their friends planes for free!!


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Yeah, that's the ticket... we can do that. We have the technology.................... :thankyou: