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I'm new - hubby's not...


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Hi to those that take the time to read this. My husband mbarden has been on the forum for a few months now. We opened our business late October last year. I've been taking care of the behind the scene activities of the business, such as sales and book keeping, mopping floors. I know....*YAWN* ....so now it's been recommended (by the hubby) that I get involved in Signs 101 and fill my tired brain full of more information. Seriously...Thank you to ALL that have been helping us out, hubby has learned so much by being a part of this site. I hope to learn learn learn too! This pre-schooler has to get to work.....happy reading and learnin'
-J a/k/a walDOE:wine-smi:


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Welcome to :signs101: from PA.

That's strange.... he never mentioned you. He always talked about the wild parties and crazy customers he was always visiting. Never knew he had time for a wife......???:Sleeping:

Mark L

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So now the better haft is here to tell how it's really like! haha :biggrin:
You can also keep a good eye on who's invited to thos wild partys.

Why am I never invited.........oh well I'll just:beer

Welcome from Canada eh.


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I heard mbarden was having a big open house bash this weekend?
Gino was gonna supply the Milwaukees Beast and I was supposed to bring the Cheez Doodles!


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Gino I can handle Milwaukees Beast, Jillie, I can handle Cheese Doodles, but no one better be bringing me anything below Cuervo Gold when it comes to Tequila....that's the cheapest I'll go.
You "posters" are a riot...thanks for the welcome from all! And you know, MarkL, someone better be keeping an eye on the parties I'll be having!
-Jillie a/k/a DOE


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Parties? I'm still sobering up from the last one! Besides with all the beer, liquor and wome............, I better shut now before he gets in trouble. LOL