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Is is just me...


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Is it just me, or is Papyrus the new Comic Sans? I am seeing this font everywhere. Very over-used...

The Vector Doctor

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The other problem is most people don't know what it looks like when blown up to large sizes. They ask, what is wrong with the edges - why so bumpy? Looks ok at business card sizes. Sometimes outlining it makes it worse.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Papyrus is a pretty font -but is best used only in logically correct places. It isn't suitable for just any business or just any occaision. And it makes me want to smack the crud out of someone or something whenever I see it set in all capitals. That sort of sin is worth a beating! Hehe.

Comic Sans enjoys a horrible tyranny on thousands of badly designed web pages. I don't see it used very often on outdoor signs, at least in my region. Arial Bold or Black (often with type stretched or squeezed) seems to be the more common mark of sign amateur hackdom in these parts.


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The new font du jour has gotta be the Copperplate family. I'm seeing this everywhere--logos, food packaging, etc. My wife hates it when I point out fonts. What a sign dork!


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Been seeing wayyy too much of Papyrus.
Comic Sans is still as common as dog poop too.
What also bugs me is the revitalization of 70s porno-style stuff like Bauhaus by youngins who don't know any better!
My kid's 5th grade graduation program today featured both Brush Script and Comic Sans.
And the PowerPoint slide show was subtitled with all-caps Mistral.
I think I shall go poke out both of my eyes with a stiff fitch.


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Hi Jill,
I know what you mean; but it sounds like your child will be leaving that school now, otherwise, you may be tempted to donate some suggestions, and you know how they will try to work you!
Congrats to Justin! Yeah, off to the big middle school?


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Gee, it's been AGES since I watched any '70s porno...

(I knew one of the fellows who was a particpant in the John Holmes robbery snafu... Serious loser).