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Is this a font???


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Is the "DINGO" a true font or made up, I need to make the word "diesel" the same. Thanks


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Looks like a font to me. :wink:

Seriously, I would just pick something close and tweak on it myself 'til it looked like it. Just get the "D" and "I" right and who cares about the rest of the letters in "DIESEL" ?



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I'm with Gear on this one, find something close, like Fred's choice & tweak it.
You got an E to copy from that lower line of text, Handel's "S" looks ideal, although I reduce the radius on Handel's "L" to match the sharper corner in DINGO's G


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That is a font, I checked my collection as well as FontShops and T-26 but it's not there. I forgot where I have seen it but too many typefaces around too remember.

This is not the font, but it's closer to the other suggestions.
Ths font is House Industries Housemovements Runway (It comes with the House Industries 10th Aniversary book). The top one is how it comes and the bottom one has a stroke on it.


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