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John Deaton is Fantastic !


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As some of you know, i was hunting down a cartoon like image of a step van to use for some advertising. After coming up dry, many of you suggested John over at The Toon Factory. Well, i did and i could not be any happier. He was fantastic to work with, listened and made all the changes i requested and ended up with exactly what i was looking for.

Here are some of the design sketches he sent me, all the way to the final product.







And after i fiddled with it a bit ...

Once again, thanks John, You are very talented and i look forward to working with you again.
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Very nicely done.

How much is John paying you, for this little advertisement ?? LOL :Big Laugh

Nice going John. That is really a great progression there.


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John Deaton is Fantastic

Hello All,

John is very talented and I enjoy seeing his new creations. I have his new CD "Cridders" on my Christmas list! I hope Santa Clause doesn't forget to get it for me.

Best Regards,

Gary/Sign FX

Idea Design

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You could just title a thread "John Deaton is Fantastic!" and not write a single line of text after that, and still get 53 responses saying how kick-ass he is.

He did a caricature of a radio dj for me some months ago...awesome.


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I was wondering who would add OP's "signature colors" to the sketch....
JD3 really is a talented guy.
And down to earth, too!
Nice work, Tater.