Laminate by varnish?


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So, since this forum has been really helpfull with my decision to buy a Roland, I have one more question, and it is about lamination:

I know it can be done with some sort of varnish for lamination, (don't know if varnish is correct english word for it), that is applied to a print with a brush or painting roll. Since it looks cheaper than buying a laminator (since I don't really know how much I will need lamination???), how good is it?

Does Eco-sol max do well with this type of lamination (does it smudge or fade the colors), and does it make the prints significatly more durable?


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While varnish will make your prints last longer.... it will also burn them [turn them yellow-y] and become brittle. Varnish is not for digital media..... it's more for wood products and is a main ingredient in old paints.

You want to check into Clear Shield, Frog Juice and other liquid over-lams.


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Clearshield works great as does Frog Juice. I use Frog Juice spray can's for small stuff. And if i need to brush or roll or spray it on i use ClearShield.


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how durable is liquid lam compared to cold rolled lam?
Sometimes with a really difficult wrap I think it would be easier with a thinner layer of lam?


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I found a dealer for clear shield in my neighbour-country (which is a big deal, actually, in this small country), so the question of ANOTHERDOG remains - how durable is it compared to hot/cold lamination?
On clear shield site there is no estimation of longevity of lamination, though, there is assurance about not yellowing, being detergent-resistant, etc.