Latest setup for dimensional letter installs...


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...Actually for dimensional letters, concrete drilling, etc.

Rather than get drywall dust all over the wall and floor, I've been using the DeWalt cordless Flexvolt extractor and the suction ring. The extractor comes with a fob that you can put on your wrist or wherever. I put it on the hose of portion of the suction ring. It lets you remotely turn the extractor on and off.

This is used by most trades for concrete drilling/dust extraction. I've used it quite a bit for that as well and it works great. For parking garage installs, I leave the entire setup in the van and attach a 15' to the 8' hose it comes with. I just park in the vicinity of where I'm installing and have dust-free drilling. It's great for working overhead, on floors, walls, etc.



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Nice stuff as always,
is that the DeWalt Cordless Defibrillator there in the top of your crash cart?


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looks like you spilled some Cheetos on the floor

Customer knocked that stuff out of the tree when he was moving it. Also knocked a couple of glass balls off the tree which shattered everywhere. And got gold glitter everywhere. It was quite festive.


I saw these at Lowe's and didn't think much of it compared to the add-on for the hammer drills that use the same battery.
But after seeing this setup, man that must be great! And even better, you control the suction, the other addon just assumes you want an extra 5 seconds of vacuum power.


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See that christmas tree in the corner there?Thats where you kick all the dust from drilling, Much cheaper!

How loud is it? shop vac loudness? Most of the time we cant even use a vacuum because its in an office and they complain... so we just use a broom and wet cloth to do the best we can.