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Legal Software and Music

How much of your software & Music is illegal

  • EVERYTHING. Your relatives are turning in their graves

    Votes: 7 7.4%
  • Less than 25%

    Votes: 23 24.5%
  • 25%

    Votes: 8 8.5%
  • 50%

    Votes: 9 9.6%
  • 75%

    Votes: 6 6.4%
  • 90%

    Votes: 12 12.8%
  • None

    Votes: 29 30.9%

  • Total voters
After much reading curiosity has taken over me.

Hey my #6 option did not come thru.

• NONE. Your so honest that god himself would take your soul first if the world ended tomorrow (Fred can you edit?)


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I have no illegal software that I know of at this point. I have no illegal music either. All the music that I have has been either paid for or given to me as a gift… in the way of a present of a CD. [Paid for somewhere along the line] Anything that was gotten illegally has either been replaced or thrown out… years ago.

In other words, years ago I had some software and some music that I wasn’t aware of at the time, was gotten illegally. When Gore first invented the Internet, I downloaded all kinds of stuff, but never realized it was wrong. I haven’t mended my ways… I didn’t know any better before. We had more software than music, but most of it was demo versions for evaluations. Since then, we bought everything we wanted. Had a guy work for us that could crack anything. Did he do it ?? Yes, until I found out, then we said…. ‘No more of that S**T’. He’s re-written quite a few of our present software programs, but I don’t consider that wrong, not fine-tuning something.

I need a box that says… ‘None’, but I’ll put in for 90% full property. I’m sure there are some things still floating around.
I manufacture CD/DVD for independent music artists. So I support them in every way. That includes buying every CD that I listen to. It is very easy for me to get almost whatever I want. But if I did that I would just be shooting myself in the foot.

Every software title I have has also been purchase new or is software that was purchased when I bought the business. I just think it's good business.


New Member
yep, sorry I need at least a 0-25% choice.

I'm at 0% for software & below 25% for music.
An employee dl'd songs onto my computer, so I'd have to fess up to about 20% of my music coming to me that way.
I would love to say "EVERYTHING", just to see if I could wake some relatives :Big Laugh I could also argue that it was all paid with slave labor (mine), which would still make it all illegal :Big Laugh


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I've had some music in the past on computers that was downloaded but those hard drives are long gone from virus attacks. What goes around comes around? I would pay dearly for a copy of the performance the night before SRV died in Alpine Valley.


Sign Prophet

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All the music I have is bought and paid for. All of my software I purchased or came with my system. Using bootleg software only makes the prices for the rest of us much higher.


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Well, it looks like I'm the only one admitting in a post to still having some music that was a gift (in violation of copyright law:rolleyes: ) ...even though the response to the poll is far from "everybody pays for everything" At least I'm also the guy on this thread with a "contributing member" tag, so I don't feel quite as cheap :Big Laugh
While I can honestly say I don't feel guilty about the music my employee left me, I guess I feel defensive enough to try to justify it... but in the final analysis, it's not justifiable, so I won't try.

After I've taken the time to burn my 300 legally purchased CD's (like that's ever going to happen) ..then maybe I'll feel guilty enough to delete Tony's 2000 songs from my iPod :cool: It sure is convenient though to take that little device in the truck & hit shuffle... then click the "forward" button if I ever hear something I'm not in the mood for... then bring it in the office to dock it in my stereo.