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Hey Guys,

I have done a custom made logo for my friend, She wanted her First letter of her Name and Surname. Which is S T. I wanted to do something different big and bold

So....I sat down on my laptop and started messing about with shapes. I got a line and curved them from each end and joined the same shape and make it into the letters. Then the layout was done, finally it was Effects time, I used a Silver Snake skin and a megenta colour then..... THERE WAS MY MASTER PEICE.

Please do comment.... Thanks


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It appears to be very well done but doesn't make me think of weddings at all. It reminds me of the straps on sexy high heeled shoes.


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Without the icky snake skin it has potential.
But who uses snake skins at a wedding? Maybe during a voodoo ritual.
If you must do an effect (I wouldn't) I'd go for shiny satin or even a bit of lace.
Just because you can add an effect or a texture doesn't mean you should.
I would go for more of a brush or calligraphy stroke looking shape.
Good thing her initials aren't STD.

Craig Sjoquist

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Agrees with Jill 100% snakes and weddings ? even if your friend likes snakes, her customers would have to also.

I do like the shape you created with the S ...the T not sure

What I suggest is not be satisfied yet. Try the S as one color of lace and the T as a another but I'd also work on the T more it seems it needs to flow better with the S

For inspiration look at some monograms of letters and also wedding services.


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I was thinking of the Young and Restless soap opera logo.
Here's a quick suggestion, I am not a huge fan of gradients but just to demonstrate.
Maybe metallic like a wedding ring and silky like a bride's knickers.


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In terms of UK wording,... its a bit chav mate. Kind of Essex girl bling. It looks cool but in terms of useability I think you need to tone it down a bit. Go with some softer, pastel like colours. I was in photography for some years and subtle is more successful than brash and bold.

Though at the end of the day, if your client likes it.