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Long Time Lurker


New Member
Been lurkin for quite awhile,, so,,,
figured I'd at least introduce myself !!!
Been in paint since tha 50's !!!
Mostly self taught,, so it worked
till I was told I was doing it wrong :rolleyes:
Still works,,, still doing it wrong !!!
Computerized about 4 years ago,,,
mostly self taught on that as well,,,
probably doing that wrong tooo !!!
Anyway,,, my names whit,,, an I'm
pleased to make your aquaintence !!!
Seems like a good mix of 'ol school and
new school here so there should be a
lot to learn,,, then mabye I can get it
right for a change !!!
I don't usually talk this much,, so,,
I thank you for your patience reading this !!!


New Member
HEHEHEHE nope you usually don't talk that much Whit, 1shot fumes must be getting to ya?! :wink:

Glad to see you whit!

This is one talented Gentleman

~Leigh :smile: :Welcome:


New Member
welcome there whit you & Ol Goat might want to help buy doing some of your tutorials as that area is just getting started here right Fred you would accept help on the tutorialswouldn't you


New Member
Welcome Whit, glad to hear another old schooler has joined the gang. Look forward to seeing some of your work.


Premium Subscriber
From PA, :Welcome: aboard Whit...

Another fellow brush-slinger is always good news.


New Member
Hello Whit, 'bout time you got outa that paint bucket and drip some, ...hold on a minute don't move your shoe there, I'm trying to match a color.....okay got it.