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I was just curious about this issue. When I load my Mimaki with 54" material it will set up and usually the readout will be 52.8". Now if I set my rip to 52.8" and then send a job out with lets say a 1.5" inset, do I really have 51.3" of print area?


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What about just printing a stripe on the media and measure what it REALLY does?
Also, have you measured your 54" media? I am pretty sure our Mimaki shows the width of the Media.


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The Mimaki only shows the printable area. I can print up to about 53.5" on a 54" roll. You can set the margins to be smaller.


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Yeah... I was a bit off.

We have the margins set at -10.

To be exact, just checked, with 500 mm media (20"), it shows 492 mm, which is 8 mm (5/16") less than the media.

So- The Mimaki will print 5/16" less than the full width, with margins at -10.

And, if you want 1 1/2" margins, @-10, then specify 1 11/32" inset, or set the margins @ 1 1/2" and let the printer come up with the answer I guess...

Back to my initial answer, the easiest way is to print a stripe and check, just to be sure...

Nice to know...
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