Mounting Sign on Awning


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Hello all, same client from my previous post wants a sign on his tenant’s awning. It still has adhesive from the previous sign so I’m assuming it was printed vinyl directly onto the fabric. Is it the right way to do it or should I use a rigid substrate and screw it in?


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They should redo that awning or just get rid of it. That thing looks horrible. You could mount something to the framework, make sure the frame is secured well to the building.


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He's right, that thing looks awful. Sometimes, ya just can't polish a turd.


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Yep, a real eyesore. You can remove the existing fabric and have an awning company make a new one.

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Yep! The first thing to do is request a burning at the stake for that thing! Jeez.........
Get them a vinyl awing and put vinyl letters on it, or a nice printed sign....
I wouldn't want my name associated with that job otherwise.
It is probably so old it won't take much to rip it to shreds....
If you do try to mount something to the frame behind the awning, I would think the first time you put a hole in it to secure your substrate, it will start tearing, and on and on.


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Replaced is a no-no as there is “no budget” per their words.
Can I use acm or acrylic and screw it to the frame to cover the eyesore?


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You can screw things to the frame that are lightweight. Usually the frame is 1x1 square tubing. The limiting factor for weight is how the thing is attached to the wall. I've seen a lot of pretty sketchy attachments on awnings.

The real solution is a new "canvas" (whether it's polyester fabric or vinyl). It might not be all that expensive either. And in my experience, the awning contractor can put the lettering on it before they go out and install it. I just send them the file and they make the lettering and apply it. Find a reputable awning company and keep them in your Rolodex.

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That awning is old and dirty. The valance webbing is coming off. Clean it with some detergent like tide in a bucket of water with a good scrub brush. Rinse off with water and let dry. Paint it with cheap exterior latex paint, the kind that vinyl letters will stick to, not the good latex paint with all the extras in it. Paint the top and valance a different color like it was and a different color for rectangular part. One quart of each will take care of it.
Tell the pastor to get volunteers to clean and paint it. You just have to apply the vinyl.


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Sometimes, not having the budget to do something correctly, does not equate to doing it stupidly. The banner idea is good, but like mentioned, if it's not attached too good, you'll be responsible for not fixing it to meet code. So, no budget...... does that mean no permit ??