NEED:: Artist/Illustrator to Vector Cartoon Characters


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An illustrator/designer to take a scanned in hand-drawn sheet of little cartoony characters, and turn them into vectorized cleaned-up artwork. Will provide high resolution scan, and artistic freedom is welcome to help smooth lines and make things look good.
Customer has total of 7 little characters and has an eighth character already done previously that we'd be trying to somewhat match the idea of. Will also provide this eighth character vector so you can look at line thicknesses etc.

Referrals are appreciated! Looking to get this done asap!


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Our own........... Johnny Best, if the pay is good. Something of this nature does not come cheap.

You're :welcome:


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Reading the OP's original post, did you create these scanned images? If so then one of our MM the Vector Doctor could trace them as long as they are not pixelated.

The Vector Doctor

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Thank you to those who recommended my service. Splizaat already contacted me. I turned down the job. The drawings were a bit loose and they needed a specific style matched. It was not so much a tracing job but rather more suitable for an illustrator or cartoonist. I would rather turn down work than make promises that cannot be kept when expectations are not met.