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I have a customer wanting a foam monument sign for a daycare. I have never sold one of these and wanted some advise on what company you all suggest using.

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Well... Peachtree does good work for sure...

but our last experience was not as good as it could be - took MUCH longer to manufacture than we were led to believe it would. To the point the customer almost pulled the job. I think it may have been an anomaly, but it did make me go look for other monument vendors.

Foam by Design is an architectural foam company that has expanded into monument signs. The plus side for me is the shipping (they are local) and they supply all the posts and adhesives needed. Peachtree doesn't.

No experience with SD & F.


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peachtree does awesome work, but they were ridiculously slow ( 8 weeks ) on the last job we used them on. Quality product though.....
We would love to assist you! I wanted to clarify/comment on some concerns:

1.) Peachtree City Foamcraft DOES offer optional mounting posts at an additional cost to our clients. The difference between our product and other manufacturers is that you DONT need metal bracing built into your sign and you can purchase galvanized steel pipe at any plumbing supply store, which is much cheaper than us shipping it to you :) We do not require any special adhesive. To install the steel pipes into the PVC sleeves that are pre-built into the sign, spray great stuff or a similar expandable foam.. it is $6, last time I checked at Lowes or Home Depot and use Sacrete and Water to create a concrete mix for cementing in the holes. You can view our installation instructions here, and a watch a video too.

2.) On behalf of the entire team at Peachtree City Foamcraft, please let me apologize if you were misled in the projected lead times. There have been a couple other manufacturers who closed their doors, and due to their business failing we have experienced a surge in business. While we truely do our best to project the lead times, and our average lead time is 4-6 weeks, sometimes (especially with the holidays) there is a delay. This is not done to mislead anyone, and we do hope that we can earn your business back as we are dedicated to serving the sign industry 100% WHOLESALE, we manufacturer our own product and we stand behind our products. Please feel free to contact me directly at 440-599-7604, if I can assist you with answering any questions.


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I've used both Peachtree and Custom Foam Fabricators in the past. The last project I had I sent my design to both companies for a quote. Custom Foam Fab price was much less than Peachtree, almost $1,000 and they also had the sleeves for installing our own PVC or metal fence post inside. One big lesson I learned was to have them do the copy. Installed Gemini letters to a Peachtree monument, no problem, but if it's a customer who is not going out of business (this was a bank and the other a funeral home) having the raised copy and accents permanent as part of the structure stops any vandals from prying those letters off. Take time with the colors though. I used a blue that the bank architect wanted and wished I had gone a deeper shade as it has faded. Installation is a dream. Last two I did I had the main area raised on two pillars as the customer had had trouble with mold on the last ones that were against the ground. Good luck!

Aaron SDF

Check out SD&F under the merchant member list!

Each of our monuments includes an installation kit (Piping, sealant etc.) as well as instructions. Two people can assemble and install one in less than an hour. Digging a couple holes is the hardest part.

Our turnaround time is about 2 weeks for one of our 40 standard monuments, but we can make anything custom with a small increase in production time.

We offer only the highest quality in materials, turnaround, price, and customer service.

Thanks for all the support Signs101!
Be careful when you base your decisions solely upon price... the owner of CFF started in the monument business as the crate builder for Peachtree City Foamcraft. We have heard several stories of where he offered low pricing initially to compete with our company, however, as his lead time increased so did his overall cost. Classic Bait & Switch...

One quality that makes our company unique is that you will never have to fear that someone else got a "better deal". Our pricing stays steady and is the same for EVERYONE so this way the market place can be competitive and it allows both large companies and small companies to flourish.

We have done extensive research regarding our pricing and I find it extremely difficult to believe that our cost was $1,000 more for the "same" product. If you get a situation like that, please contact Michael Fetter, our national sales manager at 610-769-0661 as he would be glad to do an apples-to-apples comparison, often times we find that the products being compared are NOT the same. The Peachtree City Foamcraft monument sign is the ONLY monument made to withstand 180 mph winds and the independently tested and approved to do so, due to our Poly-Armor (TM) hard coat.

SD&F, Are you manufacturing your own signs in house now? I know you guys used to buy them from Peachtree and resell them when you were Mouse Designs ?


SD&F said:
I know nothing about Peachtree or SD&F, but Peachtree you lost any potential business from me with that last comment. You were doing a good job selling me on how great your company is and I WAS going to bookmark your site.

Maybe there is some history that I don't know about. My 2¢
I know nothing about Peachtree or SD&F, but Peachtree you lost any potential business from me with that last comment. You were doing a good job selling me on how great your company is and I WAS going to bookmark your site.

Maybe there is some history that I don't know about. My 2¢

That comment was not meant to be negative in any way. I was just surprised to see they were making their own signs in house, thats all.


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I would recommend Peachtree to anyone. They are the best in the business, that I know of. I have monuments out there, made by them all over the country, and they still look fantastic.
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Speaking of Videos... we are looking at doing some more videos in 2011, If anyone has some suggestions on types of videos that would be beneficial, email me!

social media being what it is, you can't do any better then having your clients selling your product for you... look at Jessica's post above (um... Jennifer?.. ok, Mrs. Holbrook :smile:) you can't do any better then that, and in this thread, that was your shining moment..., maybe you can do a promotion, where you invite videos from your clients, and in my opinion, you should agree to run 5 or 10 on your site at least for a limited time, but have one or two that win a prize... a grand prize of a free monument should be less costly for your company then making a monument is, and if enough clients take the challenge seriously, you will have a testimonial as sincere as jholbrook's is, with all the bells and whistles of an actual client installation!!