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Need suggestion on a business name for Wrap Shop . Let’s be creative !!!


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So friend of mine looking to open a shop and can’t decide on a business name. He is strictly doing wraps. No signs or anything of that sort. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


I’ve always liked Drive By Media, could do some cool stuff with promo around it.

Or something like “Ain’t Paint” I hate when people say “that’s a cool paint job, paint scheme etc.”
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James Burke

Being a grandpa is more fun than working
Naming a business is like naming a child. You want something that is fitting for now, but eventually, the child will have that name for the duration of their adult life.

IMHO, you need something that is relevant to what you're doing, yet general enough to allow you to transition into other work if you discover work is headed in another direction.

Yes, you can always re-brand, but that takes time for customers to adjust.


Johnny Best

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wako wrap2.jpg
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James Burke

Being a grandpa is more fun than working
Perfect noob combo:

Name, logotype and standard operating procedures....all rolled into one.

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