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need suggestions - cracked pan face


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Hi all,
Customer is requesting if we can mend this crack in this pan face. Top left near the "cougar" and in the curve of the pan. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.


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Use Weld-On 16 and hope for the best. Be sure to tell them it is not a proper fix what-so-ever, but more of a band-aid, til they can afford to do it correctly. It would also help, if you glued a piece over the top of the crack for added support. It's quite evident that the area in question is fatigued and the only thing gonna really help it, is to replace it.


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I'd really steer them to a new sign. If that is cracked, how long will it be before another crack develops and falls on some kids head? Would you be liable if you welded it and it didn't hold or something else broke and it blew out?

Johnny Best

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That is a pretty bad crack on the pan face. You would have to pull that face and bring back to shop. It is going to look bad when lit with the kind of patch you need to fix it strong again. Like others have said, tell them they need a new face because it will break more as time goes on.