New business for an older guy


Hello to the business I should have started 40 years ago. From age 10 I spent endless hours with an old time sign painter and always wanted to "try that". After 35 years in the truck body and equipment business (20 as an owner)I bought my first software and cutter and for 5 years did a few truck lettering jobs a month. Last year I closed my truck equipment business, got rid of all the help and overhead and opened a one man sign shop and am loving it. Still lots and lots to learn, but I love the challenge and look forward to every new experiance.


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Congrats and welcome, Bob! I am also in my fifties and start over and over again due to life's setbacks and raising children, health issues, etc.
The friends you will encounter in the business here are so awesome. I hope I can repay the favors and kindness they show in business and personal life.
Letterheads are welcome if they come to town anytime!
Good luck in everything and keep your chin up!


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I went and did many things ....... I made a lot of money, But i couldn't be happier ending up a shirt/sign guy.


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Welcome from Australia Bob. My story is similar to yours. I haven't formally introduced myself to the forum yet, so here goes. I did an appreticeship in Woodmaching, and then at age of 26, I started building sets in film industy. Then I moved onto lighting films, but still built the occasional set. That is where my interest in signage and cutting started. As a setbuilder I quite offten work overnight and needed to be ready for the next day. I saw an opening for overnight signage, bought my a Camm-1. Still earning my main living from film production, my love for graphics & signage remained. After 30 odd years in the industry, I felt the need to stay closer to home, and went back to sets & signage again. You guys & gals here on the forum have rekindled my love signage. Now retired from full time work, I'm learning all software and little tricks I didn't have the time to fully learn until now. Thanks for a great forum. Here's a list of some of my films, not the lot, but a good cross section.