New here, from Oreogn

Hey guys, I'm a newbie to the forums. I am working for a shop called "In-Motion Graphics" located on the southern Oregon coast. I'm 20 years old and the head designer for our shop (and web design).
We do signs, banners, big printing, decals, magnets, color copying, sublimation products (mugs, mousepads, etc.), screen printing, and probably some things I forgot.
On a daily basis I use mainly the following software:
Flexi 8
Photoshop CS2
Illustrator CS2
Ve LXi
Aurora Pro fills and blanks
and lots of other random programs such as X-fonter, Esti-mate, etc.

This seems like a great place to hang out and get some good information when needed. I am also very knowledgable for a "young'n" so I will be helping out whenever possible.
I will post up some of my design work if anybody is interested. I could probably also get some pics of our shop and shop van too.



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Right on.

Dude, I'm the same age. But I'm the boss around here. lol. I have my own business.

Same programs too..... nice. And I'm just a bit north in Vancouver, WA. Looks like we gotta hook up some time.:wink:

Welcome to Signs101
Yeah, I don't own my own business quite yet. I basically run the shop I work at however, everything from taking the order to designing it, to the actual production and application as well as billing and ordering. Mainly I took the job because I had just spent all my money on my associates degree and needed to save up before I go back for my Bachelor. After that is out of the way I will be looking into my own business, however I don't want to start out small. Get investors and go big!
Here is a pic of my self I did in Illustrator when I was bored:
Anybody else doodle around like this?


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Bonjour de Montréal, Keith :)

...and yep, doodle around like that too :) <<OK, so it was a couple years ago! :) >>


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Another welcome from PA.

Don't worry about Flamey, he's just looking for a date..... anywhere !!

He says that stuff to everybody LOL :Big Laugh


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flameys the boss of his own little space(as long as he takes his meds))))))))))))))))))))))
you got watch out for a guy from grants close???????
I'm actually only 2 hours away from grants pass and used to live there. Who is it that we need to watch out for? The only good shop I've heard of in that area is "The Sign Dude" located in Medford, 1/2 hour from grants pass.

Thanks for all the nice warm welcomes folks.