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My name is Steve Laws. I am currently working in Cookeville, Tn. I work for a fixture company. We install college cafeterias, stadium club houses, Store fixtures, and cabinetry for the US Postal service. We bought a JV33-130 to run digital murals and POP signage for our customers. I used to work for a national art publisher. Had 2 hp5000s and small format printer that I printed all of their in-house work.
I am new to solvent printing, vinyl, etc. so I am trolling for any info that will help get the job done right. The printing isn't much different than with the HP5000s, but the finishing and mounting is where I am needing the most help. Hopefully I can contribute to the group in some way in the near future.
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Welcome from Bristol Steve.

Of course I'm hanging in FL right now but welcome from the home town state anyway...


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Passed through there to go hawg huntin' in the Cumberland Mountains.

:Welcome: from New York