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Adam Conrad

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We need a laminator for low production in house.
Thoughts on buying a new Seal 54el for $5700
Or a used 62c on ebay for $4900? I am only working with printed vinyl usually 54" to laminate one side so I don't think I need heat. I like the idea of a wider laminator and possibly could use the extra width. I definitely need a laminator for mounting prints to substrate and for vehicle wraps.
I appreciate any feedback.


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I’m not familiar with either machine or their conditions but If you have a 64” printer I’d get a bigger laminator. If you have a 54” printer, you probably only need the 54” laminator unless planning to upgrade.

That being said, most printers come pretty standard as 64” nowadays and having the extra width can’t really have any downsides.

With regards to heat, we need heat with our UV printer to stop slivering. But even when just mounting prints the heat does make them go down nice and smooth. Just makes the vinyl a bit more malleable. Not necessary but nice to have also.

Adam Conrad

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Thanks for the feedback. I suspected having top heat would be an advantage.
I have a 64" printer so it would make sense to go for the lager laminator. Used is $4900 and new for that Seal base 64 is at least double that.


the 64" laminator can inspire you to get a 64" printer in the future

since both choices are seal, i won't go on about my high opinion of seal product, but i don't think buying a used seal is any sort of a gamble as long as the rollers are in good shape


Laminating requires perfect rollers. Go new. Another aspect is how many feet the laminator will laminate without "candy caning" or skewing. Once it starts going off it goes more and more very quickly. So I vote new. If you are budget conscious and/or you're not high production there are low cost off shore alternatives. USTECH Laminators are popular. They have a variety of models.
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