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How goes it guys and gals? I'll try to keep it short. I'm Mike. I'm 25, with no previous printing/sign experience before I started working with this company, but 10+ years of a pretty decent hardware/software/web/design/programming background. I work for a company in West Deptford, NJ. We do mostly offset printing, as well as wide format and lamination. I've been here about 6 months now, and started out co-managing our Kodak Insite Storefront with the prepress manager. They also taught me how to make plates, so I do that now and again when things got busy. After about a month or so, I mentioned to the higher ups that I checked out their website and thought it needed to be updated, and they gave me the go ahead. Did that and they were pretty happy with it. Then around the end of February we got a Roland Versacamm VS-640 and a Royal Sovereign RSH-1651 roll laminator and I got put in charge of them. So then sometime at the beginning of last month, the higher ups started mentioning that they wanted to get into e-blasts and QR codes, so I suggested redoing the website again (when I originally did it I just took what was there and cleaned it up, updated it, and added a few pages), along with social media pages and a blog, and they said go for it. I'm currently still in the process of getting everything finished for it. Running Wordpress on our server to make things a bit easier on myself this time around. Anyway, at this point, less than 6 months in, my duties include:
- Co-managing Kodak Insite Storefront
- Operating & maintaining the wide format printer and laminator and ordering all media, ink, film, and supplies for them
- Handling our web/blog/twitter/facebook/linkedin/youtube/feedburner pages, and our e-mail newsletters
- emergency plating when everyone else is busy or already gone for the day (I'm usually the only one outside the pressroom that's left after 5 since I work 11am-7pm)
- whatever else they ask me to do here and there, nothing big, usually just getting info about something or converting MS Word and Publisher files to PDF.

Hopefully I don't come off sounding as if I'm complaining... on the contrary, I'm thrilled that I've been given this much responsibility not even 6 months after I started. I honestly can't remember a time in my life that I felt this good about myself. Anyway, that's about the best introduction for myself I can give as far as my work goes. Looking forward to being a part of this community, it seems pretty tight-knit. Hopefully I can talk the powers that be into springing for a premium membership, if not I may just end up taking the hit myself, I've already learned a few things just browsing the regular forums so I can only imagine how much knowledge is in premium.

Damn, so much for keeping it short.