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Newbie From New Jersey


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Hello to all,
My name is Zeth Matalucci, and I have a problem.
Just joking, I'm from S.Jersey and run a family oriented sign company. The business was started by my mother 18years ago, and now I'm taking on more and more as my parents are fading out. I'm 26 and just left my job in Fed. Law enforcement to return to my artistic roots. We have recently expanded into the digital printing end of the business upon my return. I'm anxious to do what I can to contribute here....Thank you,
Zeth Matalucci


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Welcome from the North western tip of New Jersey! You'll love this place!
:signs101: is the place to be!!



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Hi Zeth..sorry to hear your parents are fading out. In Photoshop you can use the auto-contrast feature to help allieviate that!
Welcome from BC...Ken


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Ha, and I thought you’re problem was being an ‘Oriental’ family run sign shop in Jersey with that name. Glad I read it again… thought you were adopted there for a minute.

Welcome to :signs101: from PA


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Welcome from So.Md. ! anyone with a Z in there name is worth a note from my slow typing skills. check out the USSC show in Atlantic City, good intel-bullpen's my favorite. Plus you can eat @ the White House !
best sub shop in Jarrrrsey, i'll show u, look me up a the show-bullpen mostly. mark Z ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz USAF ! aim high, don't paint high !......sir.-just kidding-i got married when i was 27 ! you got a good start !