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Newbie from northwest england


New Member
window tinter looking to expand business into vehicle wrapping hopeing you guys can give me plenty of tips.

Dave Drane

New Member
Wow, that is going to be one huge learning curve...
Window tinter >>> Vehicle wrapper??? Good luck and welcome aboard.


New Member
HI. Welcome.
1st tip is to learn Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.. then come back in about 3 years. Kidding, kinda..but the design software is what will allow you to do these wraps. Wraps are printed..do you have a solvent- based printer? You can always out-source the printing.


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Hi there and welcome from Sunny South Africa. Not to worry about the learning curve. I used to be an accountant in the corporate world. Got the hell in with that and went into sublimation printing. Learning curve? there is no such thing. It is a straight up vertical line. No corporate stress anymore, now have to deal with customer stress. Best thing is job satisfaction.

Enjoy yourself.