OCD or bored???


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lables done on the desktop inkjet on inkjet receptive vinyl. this was just re-labeling, did all the sortin back after i had the open heart. needed something productive to besides layin in bed.


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Nice work OP.
Is that blank one in the middle the one you keep all the extra
"))))))))))))))))))"s in that you use to post here?

wayne k
guam usa


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I didn't see any listing for Stainless Steel??? Cheapo.

And perhaps you should get your eyes checked too. Those decals reminded me of a jumbo calculator I have..... its about the size of a laptop.



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stainless and std /metric nuts/bolts/washers are in another all metal cabinet with 5 trays that you pull out and each has 40 sections. sorta like those you see in a professional mechanic shop. i used available space......and i dont have to be standing right in front of em to know what they say)))))


OP what are cowcrete drill bits:help

No wonder you had to use the printer to make the labels:ROFLMAO:

See photo below!


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you are officially old now..

a mans life consists of building a shop, working, imagining a better shop.. working more, starting to realize the "better" shop... working more.. and then when his work slows down to the point he has time to get his shop perfect... he doesn't use the shop half as much anymore.. and then he can putter around the shop... going past "perfect" ..and into OCD!!!

I have discovered this myself.. although I am still busy, I got closer to perfect when I was slow the last 2 years.. and it was pretty damn scarey to be slow enough to get that close before you are ready...

...I hope you are ready for where you are!!! I think you seem to be :)

John Butto

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Clean House

You need to team up with Niecy and help out putting things in order for people, you sure did a good job.

Si Allen

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Ummmm ... I just finished the job for him!



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That's a far better OCD than the one I am plagued with. My brain RELENTLESSLY counts all the time I'm awake. Mostly it's multiplying bu fours. Everywhere I look I see four: four corners to a ceiling, a door, a window, four corners to the bricks in my fireplace. Walking thru a store I multiply the corners in sections of flooring. I used to be able to tell ya how many words were in any sentence you spoke to me instantly. I've tried everything to silence the counting loop in my brain but finally had to realize I'm stuck with it for life.