painted septic truck..what digital vinyl would you use?


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could i use a ultra calendared (3551/ij35) and cast lam? no rivets, basic curves.

i dont want to cut corners but seems like a "waste" for cast wrap vinyl.

this is not a new truck but just got painted and need it to last.

my thought was ij35c/8519 would work fine.


printed areas on the doors and approx 3x7 feet along the tank (painted white)


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I'd go with cast on any truck transporting any liquid (well, I'd go with cast on just about any vehicle anyway), even a good high end calendered seems like asking for trouble. Especially on a repainted septic truck.

Mike Paul

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Not a waste...
Choosing 3551 cal. over 3951 cast will only save you about $20.
Use the cast film. You need to use cast laminate on both.

surf city

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I always go with cast for vehicles and I would also wait at least 30 days before you do the job so the paint has time to cure.


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thanks and thanks for the advice about waiting ...will go with cast and wait a few weeks for the tank part.

much appreciated!


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I don't print but I always use cast on vehicles, which has been suggested.
And do wait to vynull it up, you don't wanna have to re-do it.
And you don't wanna get yelled at if your lettering peels off their paint when they go to sell it or whatever.
Makes me think of a kid in my old neighborhood as a child.
His name was Freddie and his dad's name was Fred.
Fred drove one of these trucks.
If you asked Freddie what his dad did for a living, he'd say "My daddy drives a poop truck"
He was only about 2 years old.

rushworks graphics

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cast without exception! we had a client recently who wanted his box truck doing, a mix of prints and cut lettering. he said he would be painting it so i told him he needed to ait at least 30 days for the paint to out gas. so thats where were at now. do not put any graphics on a freshly painted surface!
I will chime in with another view from the cast material. I would suggest the Arlon DPF9000 or a vinyl like that. It has a solvent and heat resistant. Garbage trucks are often cleaned with a solvent wash. I would think the septic truck might be also. As for the heat resistance, look what they are carying.


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sooo disappointed in the lack of distasteful replies... it's a septic truck guys, not one poo joke?!

like maybe make sure to use the two-ply quilted vinyl?


anyway, yeah, use the cast.. something tells me that you dont want to have to do it again after it's been used a bunch of times.. though you might be able to give Mile Rowe a call and have him come out and do it for Dirty Jobs.