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Paper options?


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I seem to have a problem with customers who want to buy a banner for a special occasion, but don't want to pay for a printed vinyl banner. With that in mind, is there a good option for use with my Falcon outdoor 46 printer using paper?

On the same topic, are there any good options for poster use that could be framed and hung on a wall?



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We buy 110lb. offset paper over runs. About 51" to 55" wide on a roll weighing about 200 lbs. You can run that stuff through just about any printer other than thermal resins. I don't know much about the 'Flacons' [other than I don't have one], but keep your head high and use a profile for most any matte paper from your software. Certain inks will wick out a little bit, but nothing to worry about for a banner.

And.... :Welcome: to the forum, from PA.


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Try Lexjet, I get a cheap poly banner material that is tearproof & waterproof.
I also have 98lb and 150lb paper


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Be careful of the dirt and dust paper can leave in your printer. I wouldn't do it. So what are you saving your customer? A 3x6 (18 sq ft) banner costs $5.00 in banner material, and probably $2.00 in paper material. Is it worth saving $3 out of a sales price of $70-150 to risk the print heads in your machine?


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PS: you can get a good paper for the Falcon, just make sure it is rated for eco-sol printing. May cost a few pennies more, but it will be cleaner and protect those expensive heads. Try www.sihlusa.com and check theie printable paper and find a dealer near you.