Price Check for the Mosh???


Doing these rider signs 6"x24" that have custom printed codes to read from a smart phone. Charging $25 each, the customer is fliping out, but keeps coming back. Out of line???? Normal Riders I get $10 each, but you have to get 10 at a shot.


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$25 for a one-off anything sounds too cheap! Unless they email you a vector, cut-ready file and no time-sucking phone calls!

Locals Find!

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I do custom QR Riders for Realtors all over the Country I charge $100 just to become a part of my program and $25 each rider once your in. I also control the pages the qr codes land on. Mine are also 4mil coroplast. I don't know what material your using.

I think your right in line Mosh. Maybe even charge more if your using better material than me as a substrate.


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Next time they flip out, tell them it's not like you're charging $15,000 to put a sign in the yard and show people the house when they call until it sells.

We flipped a house several years ago, they put the sign in the yard on Saturday, did an open house on Sunday, had the signed contract on Sunday night. They made $12,000 on that house and spent 5 hours on the job.

I think $25 for a rider is a little less profitable then their chosen career.