Printing on magnetic material with a xc540


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Hey guys, first post here :)

I'm having a bit of trouble getting a decent print on magnetic material with the soljet. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm using versaworks and printing on Magnum Magnetic's 20 mil glossy. I wish I could post a scan of the print, but I've used about 15 different profiles and get very similiar/cr*ppy results. Looks kind of over-spray meets over-saturation. I've ran the usual calibrations and even called Roland, they won't help because they don't recommend printing on magnets :(


Tim Aucoin

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I've had no luck printing on magnets on my 540... similar results that you are experiencing. I made life easier for myself now and simply print on vinyl and use the Big Squeegee to mount onto magnetic. Works like a charm. I charge more and go home frustration free at the end of the day!


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I have a lot of customers that use GMI's Printable Magnetic and have had some success but it still has a slight "bleeding" look it. The best results still come with printing on vinyl and mounting on to the magnetic. I know a customer who has made a FORTUNE printing onto Oracal from Versaworks on the VP-540, mounts it onto magnet and runs it through his Graphtec Flatbed cutter..Perfection everytime!


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That's is what I've done in the past as well. The supplier has a profile for the VP540, but not the XC540. Just wanted to see if any XC's had any luck out there.


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I'm getting ready to start doing some magnetics sand I have a roland vp 540 will my cutter be able to cut through this with a 60 degree blade one I have mounted my vinyl on top of the material- want to know the most effective process


The VP will choke trying to cut the 30mil (vehicle weight), but I haven't tried the 20mil.
In fact, when I print mags on the mp540 I've gotten in the habit of remove the blade to prevent unwanted scoring of the print.