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Process Pro Black VS Black on gerber edge?


New Member
Just curious - Anyone use Process Pro Black Instead of Black? Wondering if its just as durable, opaque etc,.


Active Member
I have used process black as a substitute for regular black in a pinch. If you're concerned about longevity do a double hit. We frogjuice everything that goes outside.


Rap Master
I don't even stock a "process" black or yellow anymore, just regular black and yellow. Never had a real issue with fading on Gerber prints as long as they are laminated.


Professional Snow Ninja
I haven't had a process black in stock in ages either. I do use either FrogSkin or Gerber's UV Abrasion Guard on anything that is expected to last long term outdoors.

Process Black is slightly less opaque than Spot Black, but for F/C prints, subbing Spot Black doesn't change the print much, so it's easier just to have the one foil in stock.

The only time I wouldn't sub Spot Black for Process is if I'm using SpectraTone colors because then the shade may turn slightly different.


New Member
I use a spot black and never really consider an Edge print as long lasting. We use ours for interior use type work, decals for products and labels. For exterior prints I have another source that does last and we use that instead. The end color on the 4 cp may be a little off but haven't had issues yet.