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RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Welcome to our newest Merchant Member, Jeff and Roger Bailey of RapidTac Inc.

Be sure to check out their website where you'll find lots of good information and some informative new videos on vinyl application and removal.

Thank you for your support Jeff and Roger.

Dave Drane

New Member
Welcome from down under Roger and Jeff. Will you be having a stand at the ISA show in Las Vegas?? Do you think I would have any problem with taking some home with me or would it explode in the cargo section of a jet??

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
Dave, I''m still wondering about getting a box of assorted RT products shipped out- for our LetterheadsOz, but haven't started to look at costs yet- nor have I spoken to Roger recently either- just very preoccupied with stuff closer to home at the moment!

edited to add: Welcome, Jeff & Roger!

Roger Bailey

New Member
Ian, we would be happy to send samples, we have been waiting for someone in Oz. to step up, so far "no takers".

We have distribution in lots oof other countries, just not in your yet.


Roger Bailey

New Member
D.Drane, we choose not to ship Rapid Remover by air, all other products are ok for air shipment, all "oversea customers" ship by sea.
M.S.D.S. are downloadable from our website (for all products).



New Member
Welcome Roger, I have spoke with you several times on another forum... I just hope those bad type of postings do not end up happening here at 101 that is why I left those other forums... But I do love and support your product...

RJ California

New Member
I'll add my "Welcome!" too.

Question: What would the RapidTac method be for installing a large 4'x10' printed graphic on to a flat sign panel? I currently have 2 methods that we use but neither one is really that great. Just curious. - Thanks!