Roof Wrap, Vinyl Scuffing


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I've got a roof to wrap with gloss black vinyl.
Applied it this morning (Oracal 751) but my squeegee(s) (I tried multiple brand new squeegees) scuffed up the vinyl pretty bad. If I laminate with Oracal 290 will that prevent the scuff marks? I'm not used to wrapping with solid colors (or without air egress for that matter).

I'll be redoing it in two weeks, so I've got time on this. The client may want to wrap it with matte black instead, would the matte still need to be laminated, or can I apply straight?


Did you use a regular squeegee (like 3m gold or similar) in full contact with the vinyl? Like without anything in between them?

Personally I would have started with an air egress black, 3M offers some, as so others I think. Then laminated it with a cast lam, like Oracal 290 or 3M 8518. Then I would have used a felt squeegee, my preferred brand is the kind made by mactac.

Tip about felt squeegee's - they work better the more they get used. Brand new they are to hard & stiff. If you soak it with water and allow to dry a few times it helps make it more usable.


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+1 on the felt squeegee!! I do all my wraps with mostly felt...whether it is laminated or not.


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I tried heat to take out the scratches, to no avail.
I used a white teflon squeegee, an orange squeegee with the black velcro on it, as well as a felt half-moon squeegee, and all of them scuffed the vinyl. Usually a few scuffs aren't a big deal, but this is just gloss black on the roof and they show up big time.

I'll run a test with the laminate on the gloss, but does anyone know if the matte black would scuff the same? I don't have a cast matte laminate in and would hate to have to order it in just for a little roof.


I know those minor scratches, like the kind from felt squeegees, will come out of the gloss lam, when set out in the sun for a few days. Don't know about straight black vinyl, gloss or matte.


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Are you heating with a heat gun or a torch?
A torch should be effective in glazing out the small scuffs.


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chances are your scratches arent 100% from the sqeegees but from the dust that has acumulated on the vinyl. Rag scratches as we call them are inevitable. The customer will put those scratches in the vinyl the first day they wash the vehicle. Alot of people wash there trucks, then either drive dry them or somethimes let them sit outside then dry them in the sun. Either way there is dirt and dust blowing around and people are drying and scratching their vehicle at the same time. When presenting a finished vehicle to your customer try and do it "outside" rather then under the flourescent lights that will show all scratches and imperfections.


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Place a ladder next to the drivers side door. Climb it. Chances are you may not be able to see the scratches.

Light reflection will always emphasise when viewed side on which is basically what you are doing from ground level viewing roof level.

I doubt you will ever fix this "problem", especially when they are like the "flasher" (or blinker / indicator ) priciple of "there it is, no it isn't yes it is".

Look at a scratch, slowly move from front to rear and watch it disappear, reappear.

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I dont think that the matte black black would show scratches at least not as much, but I thought the purpose of making the roof black is to make it look like it has a glass top. I havent found an application tool yet that wont leave scratches. my installers are getting pretty good at using the "rolle pro". I just talked to him, and he said hes been applying all of his panels today (flat panels) 95% just rolle pro, with some squeegee at the edges.


to prevent scuffing on applying vinyl (printed or not) without transfer tape you have a few options, you can get sleeves to prevent that (basically removing drag with a non plastic layer) or you can do the simple thing and put a line of the soft side of velcro on your squeegee and it does the same thing but won't tear up and need replacing after a few feet.

oh, and i don't recommend it, but if you don't have either ... you could use just a little soapy water on top to reduce drag as well ... think of it as wet applying only with the water on the top instead of the bottom of the vinyl.