Self-taught or tutored in PhotoShop?


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Was wondering how many designers here have had instruction in PhotoShop? I'm learning it by self-teaching method and it's a slow go.

Old dog, new tricks thing. Can do the basics, apply bevels/effects to letters, play with photos and stuff, but this is a very, very complex program, isn't it?

Your thoughts? (advice)


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get all the psd tutorial books u can find.

the one i liked the best because it didnt skip any steps is
Peachpit.Press The Photoshop Channels Book
really nice..


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96-98 I took Commercial Art in college. Some was taught in college but more so a lot was self taught on my own.

I agree with Derf however, Burt Monroy is an incredible person with Photoshop. He use to be on a show called The Screen Savers on TechTV. Now its some G4 channel crap that has a lot to do with everything but tech...


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All self-taught, and I'm barely eating pureed peas...if ya know what I mean! I'd like to get some formal training to try and shorten the learning curve here.


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I was tought how to use photoshop with the very first version. They didn't even have it for Windows when I started. Only the Mac version was available, but I've been tutoring myself on all the other versions ever sense.

You don't really need to look through books, the internet will provide all the info you need. If it wasn't for the internet I'd be lost by now. With all the new gigets and gadgets they've added over the years. Check this site out: or just Google Photoshop tutorials.


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If you use P2P you can search for photoshop Tutorials and pull tons of pdf, doc files etc.

Use google and do a search for Photoshop Tips Tricks etc.


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oh, also if you like visual training check out they have great video tutorials.



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good links you guys!

I took a night class for about 9 sessions of 2 hours. It was a huge help.

I'd say 80-90% of what I know about photoshop is self taught, but I learned it way faster because of the class I took at an early stage in my years of photoshop use.

Has anyone taken a seminar from Scott Kelby?

Tha National Assoc of Photoshop Professionals sent me a link about a seminar in Honolulu. My flight would more then double the $99 price tag, but I am tempted anyway.


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Not only do you need to work with it 8 hours a day....getting the book "Photoshop Bible" is a great reference I'll recommend.


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Hey Threeputt... head on over to L.C.C. and try to get a class. I took a class here at Everett CC and have been learniong on my own since. You can buy the Photoshop WOW book and the Photoshop tutorial books at the college also. They help immeasurably!


Learning on my own only got me so far. Once i went through Adobe's Classroom in a Book, i got verry efficient using the program. After learning the book, i always read more and more at different websites and learn new stuff all the time.

I'd say i am advanced in photoshop now, but the learning never stops with this program!!!


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I have been to a seminar by Scott Kelby, Great Help! He was at MAC world a few years back! But I still like Burt Monroy the best! That dude is awsome!

mark in tx

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The books I have bought that were worth a damn to me have been;

Photoshop for Dummies
Hacking Photoshop
Adobe CS2 All in One Desk Reference for dummies
Photoshop Channels book.
Adobe Photoshop Studio Techniques.

There are some great tutorials all over the internet.

I've always been a fan of the "Dummies" books.


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You don't really need to look through books,

I totaly disagree. A good book is perfect for hands on training. You don't have to pause or rewind some dvd tutor. All you have to do is not turn the page. Then you do not need to worry about paying more subscription charges. Yoru library will have what you need right on the shelf.
Online internet training is a real pain switching back and forth betweeen screens trying to do an online tutor. Then if you miss a step because it went to fast you have to pause and rewind and fluff around trying to get that step.

Also, While may be a place for tutorials. They are not that good for anyone beyond beginner levels. A Lynda tutorial has GAPS that leaves you wondering where the hell they got that last step.

Good books are
Anything by Robin Williams..
or When pancakes go bad.
or Photoshop finishing touches.