Signmate and Windows XP


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Hi all, was wondering if anyone can help, been running signmate express to a roland cx-24 for years on win XP with
no problems, I upgraded to SP 2 and now production mgr freezes up, Roland told me to uninstall and reinstall, now
comes the problem trying to reinstall I get thru all the setup screens , pass, language then after that it closes
itself out, I called Roland and their support sucks, they said its Amaibles problem so I called them and they said
its Rolands problem they both suck , anybody have any ideas. Thank You


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I ran into a similar problem a couple of years ago when a motherboard died. Bought a new system with XP & it did the same at install as what you are saying. Finally gave up & Bought Flexi.

Good Luck


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Is SignMate an Amiable product? Does it use a hardware key? Sounds like an SP2 problem. Had the same problem with Flexi after installing SP2. The solution was installing a new SP2 friendly driver for the dongle. Good luck.


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SignMate was made for Roland by Scanvec-Amiable. It is not compatable with Windows beyond 2000 (according to my reliable sources).


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techman needs to explain the multitude of problems with SP2.................on my work computer.....IT IS NOT INSTALLED...and i have no is on the house computer and my laptop. BUT i dont use either of those to plot with!!!!


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I've used SignMate PrintCut Pro on a Roland PC60 for years with few problems. First installed on Win95, then Win98 and now Win XP. Got rid of the PC60 and have a new Versacamm. Can still use the SignMate for plotting but lost the great printing abilities.
Looking for Signmate Express

HI... i had similar problems, i know this is an old post but hoping someone will see it as i have a bigger problem now. My Signmate express install disc has a bad scratch in it, so when i went to reimage my computer with windows XP (down from 7 because that didnt work) i cannot reinstall Signmate express. I still have my dongle and all paperwork and receipts. I called the original vendor, who i bought it from, everyone, but no one can help me as they no longer support this software. I have searched Ebay and no one is selling it used. Does anyone have a signmate express install disc that they are willing to let me buy a copy of, or send me a digital image file or anything? I dont want to loose all of my .SM files.
Thanks soo much!