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Hello All,
Was excited to find this site today. Been in sign business since 1976 in Ohio, doing various types of signs & screen printing. Computerized since 88. Would love to talk to fellow artists.
Still using ancient Anagraph software cause I'm comfortable with it, and a 42" Summa cutter... cause it still works! lol

Have a Great Day!


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Hi JoJo We started painting signs the same year and got our plotters the same time too. How time flies huh


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Greetings JoJo. I was born and raised in North Central Ohio. Out here in the Pacific Northwest now. Welcome to the forum.


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It's like a mirror image. We started in '71 on our own, got Gerber and ANA software in '86 and we're still too poor to quit.

:Welcome: from PA..............​


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Hello from someone else who learned the trade before computers! I also started in the early 70's. Time can sure pass quickly in this ever changing industry. From hand lettering to computer-cut vinyl to large format digital printing (which I farm out). This business nowadays can sure get costly!
Anyways, after a long day it's time to relax and have a cold :beer


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Welcome, Your sounding like a few of us. I started in the seventies, got an anagraph in the eighties and have a summa.


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born and raised till bout 16 in Union City ,Ohio,,,30 mi.n/w of Dayton .outside of sits on state line half in ohio ,half in indiana

im now in mayland so HOWDY!

Craig Sjoquist

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Welcome to a outstanding forum n ppl

started in 1975 and still 95% hand painted

learning to design in corel X3, going to school for adobe cs2
sends out for cut or print 1st year yet

wraps are kewl