silver foil???????

Does anyone have any information on using gold and silver foils for the pc60?? The print looks terrible! For the most part there are lines that run trough it diagonal and perpindicular. I know it cant be the head because I had it replaced at roland two days ago and everything else prints alright.
I tried using flexi with the spot silver for the pc12(the 60 isnt listed) and I tried changing the bar code to yellow and changed the design to 100% yellow in the prgram, did the same with illustrator cs2 also and have the same outcome.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also if anyone needs a pc60 i have two I just had the heads replaced on and are still covered through roland for 90 days from 11/19/06. E-mail me for any question if so. Gonna list it on ebay if noone wants it in here.
WOW!! this peice of crap machine just broke!!!! Two days after roland worked on it.....BROKE!! WHAT A PEICE OF SHI!T. Think I'm gonna change this thread name to "DONT EVER BUY A PC60... They are GARBAGE machines!!." I've had this thing for three weeks and out of about 40 jobs printed about TWO have been satisfactory not to add to the fact that I had to replace the head. Yep look for it on ebay where it belongs, not killing my business like its been doing.


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Well, it should still be under warranty. Call ‘Roland’ with your problems, maybe they can help solve your problems for you.

Not to sound cruel or dishonest, but how do you expect to sell these machines, even on ebay, if you’re telling us their broken before you sell them. Are you going to display that on your description ?? :rolleyes:
Of course AFTER I have Roland fix it again, c'mon Gino you must think I'm some kind of scumbag or something. First the software and now you think I would actually advertise on this forum that I would be selling a broken machine. Relax bud, your paranoid.
BTW that was somewhat of a joke, and I actually do not reccomend this machine to anyone that does not have a lot of patience. It works great for some people but maybe its just my luck or compared to the equipment I've used in the past its just not too user friendly. Some people swear that this printer is great.
I've got to be a descent guy to actually say that while I've got one up for sale right? Thats as honest as it gets. I just feel sorry for people who have the wrong impression of hassle free operation as was advertised for the printer originally.
I read countless threads of this same nature before I bought this printer and looked over them because the price. But honestly for the price thats what you can expect.
When I get it back from roland I'll probably give it one more shot in hopes that this time it will be correct and give Roland some credit.


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Some people swear that this printer is great.

I just feel sorry for people who have the wrong impression of hassle free operation as was advertised for the printer originally.

I read countless threads of this same nature before I bought this printer.

I've never seen any thread anywhere that the vast majority wasn't warning off everyone from ever using that machine. Sorry you missed all the warnings, but when it isn't broke... it still sucks! Always has!

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Sandrail, You say that you've had the printer for 3 weeks, so what you're actually saying is that you bought a used PC-60 (possibly off ebay, NOW THAT'S A GUTSY MOVE) and it dosen't work properly? Imagine that, hey I'm not trying to give you a hard time but did you have the printer demo'd in person to make sure it was in proper working order or did you just take a chance? In Roland's defense, I personally have a PC-600 and love it, it is a great little printer. I think the biggest misconception with these printers is that people run out and buy one thinking it is going to operate like a desktop printer (deskjet), they do not, they are not a plug and play device, it takes a little time & experimentation to familiarize yourself with the printer and it's successful operation, it can be mastered and produce some beautiful prints, my customers & even some other local sign shop owners have been amazed with the output from my PC-600. The machine has been so efficent for me over the last 4 years that I kept it after buying my Versacamm, love my Roland printers.
they make good boat anchors maybe this post will finally save someone from making the mistake of buying Rolands little step child they would like to forget they made
Well I just sold one on ebay for $3500.00! Thank God! Now I'll have Roland fix the other piece of crap again and throw it on ebay also. Combined I'll have about $7000.00 to spend on a printer. Any suggestions?? I have a 36" cutter now so I really dont need a printer/plotter. Honestly I dont think i need anything larger than a 36" printer because the largest area I work with is 23 inches. If anyone's got something like this for sale or knows of a machine that can handle my needs please post! Hey if you want we could even trade my pc-60....lmao hahaha!


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I saw a Gerber Edge on there, no cutter, but with Omega 2.0 and a few foils for like $3500 or something like that. There was another guy on here trying to sell an Edge, plotter and software for around $5500 - $6000. An Edge would be FAR superior to a PC-6XX anyday. Another option, if you want to stay with a thermal, would be the newly released Summa DC4sx. It is a 36" printer/cutter for $13k NEW. This is what I would personally suggest if you're in that camp. Heck, I'd like to have one myself and I already have a 540V!


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I think Flamey has a used machine for sale in about the same condition, as you seem to be looking for at the moment. That was not, somewhat of a joke, BTW.

I only calls ‘em as I sees ‘em written. No more, no less.

Such as Sign Works remarked about their PC-600, we have PC-60 and it works great. Does a lot of things the VersaCamm and other machines can’t do at all. We use it a lot less than we used to, but I don’t think I’ll part with it. It has it’s own little niche and still produces many $1,000.00 a year for us. As stated earlier, most people will tell you to ditch it… and that’s your call, but it is really a tool that is helpful and useful if used correctly.

Good Luck…