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Sort of new - guy


Quit buggin' me
Hello all,
I have been lurking on the boards for a while, seeing lots of good information and some of the personalities that frequent the boards. Very interesting to say the least.
I have wanted to chime in on some of the threads here but kept putting off introducing my self for some reason.
I have a question now and figure it is as good a way as any to get my feet wet.

I run the graphics side of a small automotive (tint, detail, custom, repair etc) shop.
We've been doing signs out of vinyl from the time before there were sign plotters avalible for the small shop.
We used to be a Trim Line distributor in the 70's. We've done logo work on everything from an Atlantis submarine to a Mig jet but most of the day to day stuff is vinyl - banner work. Some digital printing in the mix but most of it has been subbed out with just the design and install done by us. The mainstay of the shop has always been automotive but I want to see if that can be changed.
Joining this board seems like a good start.

Wayne Kilgore
guam usa


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Bonjour de Montréal, Wayne :) ...haven't done any subs (yet :) but have done a lot of commercial jet and turbo-prop aircraft.


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welcome Wayne... good to see someone else who will be up late (the board gets slow at night up till midnight Hawaii time when more easterners wake up!)

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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You're in the right place Wayne! The rest of the sign forums (with exc. of 4EdgeTalk) should close up shop. Signs101 is the gold standard - MOSTLY very nice, helpful people. Don't be put off by the iconoclasts who critique work you post... their choice of words can be rough around the edges, but it's nothing like the "old days" learning to PAINT signs when an old timer would tell ya your layout "looks like thirty cents worth of dog meat" (uhhh... it was the OTHER apprentice, NOT ME who they said that to!).

This is a rewarding biz, and Signs101 does more to raise the standards than probably any others. If ya have a question, ya can do a search for posts on the topic and become an expert in no time on a particular issue - the one exception to that being a ludicrous thread on "Annoying Language Mafeasance". We got an extreme intellect and legend in his own mind on here who often "sets us straight" and has an "Annoying" personality trait of being unteachable and never admitting he is wrong. Mostly, his posts are good for inducing what the Hispanics call a siesta. Otherwise, this is a gold mine of info - as has OFTEN been said!

WELCOME and Howdy from The Country of Tejas!