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Splitting a roll of banner material


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
I'm herding a 48" ValueJet and find myself in need of a roll of 48" banner material. I seldom use 48" media but every now and then I do and I seem to have run out.

All of my suppliers deal in 38", 54", and larger, no 48". I know that the evil Sign Warehouse and I'm sure a host of others carry this width but I deal with whom I deal and seldom go outside of that circle.

Since neither my suppliers nor I have a splitter I'm contemplating doing something like this to a roll of 54"...

Since the printer will mount and feed 50"+ material, whack off the far end of the roll at 50" with a band saw, power miter, whatever saw. This will no doubt leave a rough and fairly nasty edge teeming with chunks of banner lint.

Place the cut down roll in either my roller tray or mount it on the printer's in feed shaft and using a sharp utility knife split the roll at 48", maybe 49", as far into the roll as the utility blade will reach, probably less than an inch.

Unwind the cut off portion down to the end of the utility knife cut and cut it off. This should yield an inch thick, plus or minus, of material cut to size with a clean cut and a smaller diameter 'hub' so to speak of 50" material with a rough cut.

When sufficient material is used from the roll once again use the utility knife to cut down even more of the roll. Repeat as necessary until the utility knife reached the core tube.

I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever tried this and, tried it or not, any thoughts, anything I'm missing here, any flaws with this plan?


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Grimco offers free slitting, I just don't remember if they said they did or did not do banner material.

I would think if you used a very fine blade on a power miter saw or a radial saw it would probably work good. I just never tryed it before.


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Hey Bob what about using a scalpel sharp kitchen knife? Many moons ago I made a set-up to slit rolls of caution tape. Went in a drill press and used a mounted utility knife. So your idea with the utility knife blade is valid. But I see no reason that an 8" chefs knife held rigidly wouldn't do the same thing. I call my set of Wusthof's kitchen weapons. Sharp tools are safer. If you don't have a decent knife go get a Victorinox Fibrox 8" chefs knife. Should be around 25 bucks or so. If it doesn't work you end up with a very nice kitchen knife.


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I have cut various materials with my miter saw with good results- I would
think banner material would be easy- I always flash off the stray fibers
on the ends of rolls with a propane torch in any case. Banner material is
cheap- go for it, Bob.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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We bought a horizontal bandsaw from harbor freight and just tape the area to be cut, then slice it straight down. It has worked for 13oz & 18oz banner, PSA vinyl, and most Tradeshow films so far.

showcase 66

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I have cut down vinyl with a miter saw before. Had a guy tell me to tape off the area you are cutting really well and tight. That worked well. I also bought an older meat slicer blade and put that in the miter saw. That works perfect. Have not had any problems since I did that. All cuts have been smooth.


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Bob call Dave at Graphic Resource Systems in NJ. He Should be Able to help you. He is a Merchant Member here.

Not to jump off subject but I am looking at a 1204 VJ and wondered how you like yours.


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
Not to jump off subject but I am looking at a 1204 VJ and wondered how you like yours.

I like it just fine. It's been thumping away for 4 years now and nary a problem. Irritations from time to time but but nothing that can't be dealt with in a matter of minutes if not seconds. It replaced a 47" Falcon Outdoor that was just too slow and expensive, and temperamental for my tastes.

As far as the 48", I've never wished it was any wider. Would I buy another? Probably. I see no reason not to should the occasion arise.


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I am also looking into ways of chopping down a roll of banner. We have a 30" mimaki cjv 150-75 running from a home business . Unfortunately, the supplier I deal with in Toronto sells the banner in 36" material... is chopping on a miter saw a good call? How bad would the fibers fray out?!

Raum Divarco

General Manager CUTWORX USA / Amcad & Graphics
some of my colleagues have their own small businesses and use the TGE and Tesis slitter lines.
All our Demo room premask rolls are slit from master rolls with these machines.
These are nice tools to have if you have the budget.
It is also a decent investment if you are looking to add to overall capabilities.

for reference.