Stomp Shear for Sign Making

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Have visited a few sign shops with stomp shears that they use to cut .040" and .063" sheet aluminum and 3MM ACM and they swear by them. I'd like to get one for my shop. I have called a number of OEMs or dealers for a 52" wide stomp shear that cuts 16 gauge mild steel asking if that machine will cut .063" aluminum or 3MM ACM and either they say no or they don't know. Does anyone out there have experience with stomp shears and if one that cuts 16 gauge mild steel will work for a sign shop?


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They work on 063 and 3mm acm. If you look closely at any of the import brands, they are pretty much made by the same company and just have different paint jobs.


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I have a Tennsmith T 52 - 16 guage shear and it is great for use in a sign shop, cuts .040 aluminum, 3mm ACM and other things very easily. It's not rated for .063 aluminum and I'm not sure if it would cut it since I never tried. When I get back to the shop I'll try some .063 and let you know how it works. Here's a nice chart for you that will reference what you can do with sheet metals.


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Shear is an important tool. Get a good one. I've had this Niagra 1911 model for 35 years. Still cuts nice. Bought at yard sale for $10. 4 men and a pickup truck to transport.


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