STS inks


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Don't know anything about them -BUT- if you are looking for 3rd party ink options may I suggest that you find someone with your exact machine that is running that ink and talk to them. Ask them if there were/are any problems, color shifts, printing on certain medias, of if they've had any supplier problems getting those inks. That is what I did and ultimately I made my decision based on their input - not the promises of the ink manufacturer/salesman.

In fact, you should be able to call that company and ask them to speak to 2-3 customers who are running your type of machine with that ink and get their feedback. *Also be sure to try to stress that you want to talk to someone near your neck of the woods, not necessarily same state, but maybe a 5-6 state radius.

If they can't do that - I'd walk away.

Jack Knight1979

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Cibersupply sent me a cart to try out. I'm going to do a few tests on the ink when I get a minute. I haven't had the time to check out the ink yet.


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STS Inks Use

I have used them for approx 14 months.
I have an HP Z3200 44" Aqueous printer and have not had any problems with color shifts etc. Only had one problem last year with a cartridge that would not fit in the slot because each is a slightly different shape to avoid loading the wrong cartridge in the wrong color location but their tech support guided me to a simple tab cut with an x-acto knife to solved the problem. My last two orders this year were met with 1: a cartridge shortage (they actually asked me if I had any used blanks to return to them for refilling)
2: a shortage on a few colors resulting in a 2-3 week wait.
Other than that, they really save you money.