This is a miter cutter for plastic edge trim...


that I bought years ago and cannot find now. I would like to have
another of them. Anyone recognize it? The brand name is 'Lowe' and
the anvil that the blade cuts against was the length of the blade before it was
'repurposed' :rolleyes:. Thanks Gene


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That looks just like the pruner tool for trimming limbs back and pruning grapes. I got it at Lowe's. Think $5.00.

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You will find them at picture framing suppliers as well ( used for small fillet frame for inside the glass side ) They will be a lot more money ($50-$80) there than at a place like noted above. Not sure if they are any better quality. I am using one that is from a liquidation place (princess auto) and it works fine.


HjeffN was kind enough to point me to Home Depot carpet dept- exact tool
(different brand name though) with a carpet cutter type blade that works
even better than the original. Thanks Gene