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This seems vaguely familiar........?


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Any ideas on this one?


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Yep...looks EXACTLY like my 10 meter Stanley®:Big Laugh

... sorry Colin, couldn't resist (probably should have :)

Alas, no help with the font tho :(


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Anything over 7" is always a good thing.
For the sake of weeding, of course.
It looks familiar to me as well...
I even tried What The Font.
Here is a B&W image if anyone else wants to try.


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The Vector Doctor

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My guess is that it is custom. Bike mfr's are probably a lot like car mfrs in that they custom design their nameplates much like they design the cars themselves.

Rarely would you see a common font used on their shiny new designs. Some mfrs even custom design the fonts used on the rpm/speed gauge numerals