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Time I said "hello"

Jon Aston

New Member
I registered at :signs101: quite some time ago...but just posted for the first time earlier this morning.

I'm a regular in Letterville and at 4EDGEtalk and frankly didn't think I could find time for "yet another" industry forum. My mistake. This is a fine looking community, with its own unique flair...and I'm looking forward to the chance to get to know the rest of you.

Fred: Nice job! :thumb: Apart from all of the important features, I love the unique assortment on "smileys" or "gremlins" or whatever it is that you call them...but we need a Canadian one, eh! :thankyou:


New Member
Hi Jon. Were all still hoping to hear from Fred, haven't seen him around since the hurricane, everyone is hoping him and his family, and business are OK.


dennis j

New Member
Hi Jon,
Glad to see that you decided to post on this site also. I am with George wondering how Fred is doing and if every one is ok.


New Member
too bad we don't know any computer graphics people.. they could probably make them easily

(I need a sarcastic smiley) :rolleyes: