Vector Art Mega Collection #1 - Am I doing something wrong?


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Finally bit the bullet and bought VAMC#1. I know Fred is the man with these images, but I wanted to pass along some feedback and perhaps gain some perspective on how to use the package more effectively.

Am having extreme difficulty with the end results trying to produce 6 - 8" RTA's which is what I bought the images for.

Is there a trick to using these images?

A lot of the lines are so thin I am amazed the CE-5000 can cut them and weeding is next to impossible.

On this image, for instance, the antler lines on a 6" RTA are about the thickness of a piece of paper.

I also loved these images, this artist is very talented, but again I end up trying to weed pieces out that are about the size of this period ( . )



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I have a fricking 4E which can't cut finely detailed or small things.
What I do when using the VectorArt stuff is a lot of node-editing.
Sometimes elements can be eliminated without losing too much detail, and nodes can be erased (carefully) so the plotter doesn't chew things up too badly.
Just ungroup and get busy, remembering to save...often.


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Same as Jill said, also it takes lots of time to weed them carefully. I usually hire the wife to do those while she watched TV It's small tidous (SP) work.


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Also, some of those images really don't work well for cutting anyway. You need solid objects, not line drawings. And the smaller they are the harder they are.

Fred Weiss

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Every piece of vinyl-ready clipart will have a size at which it will become difficult to cut and/or weed. There are many approaches to dealing with this.

  • Delete smaller objects
  • Embolden smaller objects
  • Node edit problem areas
Bear in mind that even if you can get it weeded, very fine areas are prone to come unglued through normal abrasion such as glass cleaning. Counting the adhesive, the applied vinyl will have a thickness ranging from .003" to .010". That's a significant amount when you only have a width of .010" to .030" of adhesive on the substrate. You should consider shifting to a print and cut approach for smaller work.


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Well, poo, looks like this art isn't going to work well for me. The primary reason I purchased it was for 6 - 8" RTA's.

Anyone know of or use an affordable package of cutter art which is good for these smaller cuts?

What I really need is a package tailored to the outdoorsman (Deer, Fish, Ducks, etc.) that can reproduce well in the 6-14" size.

Fred Weiss

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In my experience, people will always prefer more detailed artwork. Therefore, you are faced with a dilemma. Shifting to silhouettes will solve your problem but less people will want to buy it.

The answer is to simplify or embolden the work. Emboldening can often be done to selected paths using the outlining capabilities of most graphics software and not keeping the original path.

In the examples attached I have demonstrated a couple of examples. The same technique can be applied to inner paths where they are too thin for successful cutting.


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Sign-Man Signs

have you tried to simply outline the image? Some times this works.


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Thanks everyone I'll give outling a try. I guess I thought I could click and print, but adding an outline is simple enough.

And I agree Fred. I simply love that deer art and with the minor enhancement noted looks like I can make it work after all.

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Seems to me if ya have to tweek it to make it work....... well, it might not be Plotter Ready. I have been eyeballing that collection for a while now...but don't want too much of a hassle at the same time. I guess it may just be a matter of how much detail you need and how much time you have.

Thanks for the info Trakers.

Fred Weiss

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Well as many of you know I wear a few hats. I publish Plotter Art brand clipart products and also act as a distributor for Vector Art brand clipart. In addition I operate this forum and also run a sign business.

As a publisher my first objective is to publish art that will make you happy because your customers like it and will pay to have you produce it for them. On the other side of the desk, as a sign maker, I have never taken the view that producing customer pleasing cut vinyl graphics was supposed to be easy. If it was then anybody could do it and there would be that much less in the way of distinguishing yourself from run-of-the-mill competitors.

Here's an example of a medium detailed piece of artwork that we have weeded and installed successfully hundreds of times for one customer and have been well and properly paid for our efforts. We typically produce it as part of an overall layout at a size ranging from 5" to 12" high. The weed time on it is typically 15 minutes per decal.


Now compare the above to this one below. You can weed it in a minute or two but which one would sell you on buying your signs from me?


If what you're looking for is quick work, you will find lots of iconic style artwork spread around through most collections including Plotter Art and Vector Art brand collection. If you want more detail, you'll also find it there too.


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I agree the more detailed graphics are more appealing for sure. That is why I bought the Mega Collection. I thickened up the lines on the deer and it looks good and I look froward to cutting it when I get to the shop tommorrow.

Question is, how do I fill in those antlers?

I run Flexi Pro and admit I am still learning it. I am a long time raster graphics designer so these vectors are a bit puzzling to me still.
For outdoors related clip art try Sign Torch, Google it. Guy does do some good outdoor art. Some not so detailed but it sure does save some time. We bought it back when he was just getting started and update it once a month.

All are Vinyl Ready with great results. He has a deer sample you can download as well.

Fred Weiss

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Question is, how do I fill in those antlers?

Delete the inside shapes. You will have to release the compounding and then recompound it after you make the modification.

Flexi also has a tool you may find helpful that will automatically delete any selected shape that is smaller than whatever size you have filled in the Design Central box.

Fred Weiss

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It is called the Threshold tool. It is under the Node Editing tools and simply bears the Tool Tip name "Remove Tiny Objects". The primary use of it is for cleaning up after autotracing.


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I love the collection, we usually use it on dimensional signs without a problem. I tweak it if I need to, the size is not usually a problem for us, but every project is different. When we have used the artwork on really small things, we just use some of the techniques listed above...It doesn't take long at all and doesn't take away from image. I would say that most any detailed collection is going to have to be tweaked a little if it is going to be cut out of vinyl on a small scale--once you do it, save it, and you will have it ready to cut next time. :smile: