Wassupp Sign People!!


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Howdy! Just joined and wanted to say Hi!

I'm Mark Lambrecht, owner of M&M Custom Graphics in Columbus, In. I have been in businees since 2002, but took a break to finish my BA degree. I finish next month - YEAH! I'm ready to get the plotter back out and drum up some business.

My plan is to purchase a printer/cutter sometime in the near future and hopefully go full time in the next 5 years. I have thought about getting into sublimation also. So, I may be looking for some advice on these things as I get rolling again. I already have orders coming in from some of my old customer base, so I hoping things pick back up.

Great to be back in business!

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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IU I assume? If so, "Howdy" from Texas and also an IU alumnus. Years and years ago I painted a couple of Pepsi wall signs in Columbus. Good town and people - of course, most of Indiana is! (except for that butt pit Logansport).


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Wow! I think that covers most of the states! Thanks for the warm welcome.

There's lots of good info in here. Just to add, which forum covers business start-up and things along that line?



Nevermind - I think that would be the Newbie Forum, DUH!