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OK so here is my dilemma. The Family and I recently (Aug 2011) moved to Fredericksburg VA. Relocating from Rochester NY. We decided to rent a house for 3 years. Our plan is to build or buy a house and be in it by that time. The problem is the move all came so fast didn't have much time to find a place. Love the house BUT no garage. I bought a new bike this weekend. Had a shed delivered yesterday to protect the bike. It's in the drive way. There is no plugs on outside of house on that side of the house. So i was thinking of getting a a solar powered light and a solar powered battery maintainer. Or do a solar power kit and put some DC lights in the shed. Just want to light it up for when doing some small things and to have a battery maintainer on the bike. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how I should go. Oh here's a pic of the bike I bought.


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Why don't you just run a dedicated line to it and do it right ?? Then you can run tools, a small refrigerator and all kinds of other things.

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Nice bike...why not go all out and buy a legit solar panel setup with batts and inverter. Nothin feels better than knowing you have at least some power if a SHTF scenario plays out which could happen any day as we all know but try not to think about.

Most everyone is a week from cannibalism....and while solar won't help you with that at least you will have some lights to scare crazies off...

(now if thats not off-topic I don't know what is)
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Is that bike an IronHorse? If not, they copied one of our popular graphics design on it. I could stripe four of those designs in half a day when we did a run of them.


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ummmm...... extention cord and 4' shop light....

it's a rental house gino, do it right???

Read it wrong. My bad. Thought they found a house and moved in immediately that they liked.

In that case, an extension cord would make sense...... or why not sell the bike and put a down payment on a house, since that was the original goal ?? I guess your wife already asked that one.............. :rolleyes:


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We are still not sure where in the area we want to live. That's why not buying the house yet. And she gave the 2 thumbs up on buying the bike. The shed will be relocated to the new house as well. Won't be for the bike then. But will be used. The extension cord idea is what i was thinking. But i'd have to run it just about a 100 foot or just over. Decisions. I don't know.

Arlo- Yes that's an Iron Horse. It's a 2004 Iron Horse Slammer. With the S&S 111 motor. I had to have it when I saw it. Didn't think the wife would like it. But she loved it and when we were looking at it, it was hard to keep her under control so i could negotiate the price. LOL


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The extension cord idea is what i was thinking. But i'd have to run it just about a 100 foot or just over.

if you only plan to do something out there that will require lights every so often, I'd go with the cord. if you plan to be out there every night, maybe invest in something better. go to Lowes or Home Depot and ask them what they have for lighting that might work for this as they might have something.


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I thought about the neighbors house as well. :Oops: Co-Worker suggested that too. :thumb: He says criminal minds think alike. :clapping:

I'm gonna measure to see how long cord would end up being. That might be the best idea for now. I just need the light for when i'm wiping the bike down at night and that kinda stuff. Battery maintainer to keep battery up and charged.



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ext cord or just go buy a generator you can always use one of those.
so you can use it while you work on the bike to run lights and when the weather is bad and the power goes out you can run the important stuff in the house. also and this might be important too ...use can use it on jobs when you need power out in the field