We're back!


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Yeah he restored to an older database so we probably lost a few days posts!

Looks like he restored to a database from either friday or saturday!

didn't lose much!


I can only imagine Freds relief! Sorry you had to go through that Fred. I know the feeling from past experience. Not sure if you drink or not, but you certainly deserve one!


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Wooo ! Hooooo!
I missed coming and reading about everyone's days.
I had to go back to all the old political , news blogs.
It was ok but....I get too cynical reading that only.


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Omg!!!! I can go back to not working on stuff that i need to work on!!!! Thank god!
And this is post number 401 for me! WOOO!

sfr table hockey

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I don't think Gino made it back yet from 2010...... he's still trying to find someone to bet with on the 2011 Superbowl. I'm gona miss him.....